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There is a broad array of criminal acts involving drugs that one can be charged with in Orlando. These charges are frequently prosecuted very heavily in our city, as drug crimes make up a large majority of all criminal activity that takes place in Orlando. Drug offenses that one can be arrested for include drug possession, drug distribution, drug cultivation, and drug transportation and illegal possession or sale of prescription drugs.

Certain drug offenses are considered less serious than others (marijuana possession, for example, is a less serious crime than possession of cocaine), and the penalties vary according to the severity of the crime. A conviction can bring heavy fines, probation, community service, mandatory drug treatment/counseling programs, and possible prison time. An Orlando drug crimes lawyer can defend you in the event that you have been charged with a drug offense, and may be able to secure a result in which you are fully exonerated of those charges.

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We at Katz & Phillips, P.A. are sympathetic to the difficulties that one faces when being charged with a drug offense, and so we provide compassionate and focused legal help that is designed to serve our clients’ best interests. We are able to provide representation in drug cases of all types, whether they involve simple possession or trafficking, and we will fight to help our clients possibly avoid penalties such as jail or prison time. Contact our offices if you have been arrested for a drug offense, and we may be able provide you with legal defense that results in your charges being significantly reduced or dismissed entirely.

Contact an Orlando drug crimes attorney if you have been arrested on charges of a drug offense and are in need of prompt legal help.


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