Gun control is a heavy topic. Most people stand very strongly on one side or the other and are happy to argue their point vehemently. While discussions of gun control typically center around the ability to buy, sell and own guns themselves, few discussions revolve around ammunition.

Bullet control is an idea that may not be talked about, but is definitely something that legislatures have strongly considered. There are several types of bullets that are not legal to possess or use in different states because they are not seen as having any sporting value.

Which Bullets Are Illegal?

Armor piercing bullets are illegal in over 20 states. Some find it surprising that these bullets are even illegal in Texas. The states that have deemed these bullets illegal have done so because hunters have no need to pierce armor. According to many, outside of the military, the only use for these bullets is to kill police officers.

Some states, like Connecticut and California, have also banned large caliber ammunition and exploding ammunition. States ban bullets, and they also attempt to control things like the size of magazines people can use.

Named Bullets That Are Illegal

Aside from the armor piercing bullets mentioned above, the following are illegal:

  • Dragon’s breath. This bullet is illegal in Iowa, Illinois and Florida. It is designed for shot guns and shoots flames and sparks 100 feet or more.
  • Flechette bullets. These are illegal in Illinois, Florida and California. They shoot dart-style bullets or metal wires.
  • Hollow nose. These expand upon impact and are illegal in New Jersey.
  • Bolo ammunition. This type of ammunition consists of projectiles with a connecting wire. After firing, the wire wraps around its target. The ammunition is illegal in Florida and Illinois.

Being able to own and use a weapon doesn’t always mean that you can use it in any way you like. Even if you are carrying a legal weapon, using any of the above ammunition can get you in trouble.

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