There are strange crimes that occur throughout the year, but the crimes that happen around the holidays take the cake. For some reason, this time of year brings out a creative streak in some people that choose not to follow the law. Here are some of the strangest holiday crimes recorded in recent history.

  1. Black Friday Stampede

If you have braved a Black Friday shopping event, you know how crazy it can get. In 2008, a throng of shoppers lined the Walmart building, waiting for them to open. Minutes before the doors opened, the crowd turned unruly, using their bodies to get past the locked-doors and into the store. Not only were workers injured, but one was trampled to death by the massive stampede.

  1. Stolen Trees

It is not as common today as it was several years ago in the midst of the recession, but stealing Christmas trees is a sad holiday occurrence. Should you see what appears to be an apparent theft from a tree lot, due your duty and call the local authorities.

  1. Death of a Snowman

Some of us enjoy lawns filled with decorations. Others of us loathe the idea. No matter your opinion, it is never considered in good taste to put an inflatable out of its misery. Teenagers of late have found it an enjoyable activity to puncture inflatable lawn decorations. They haven’t found it so enjoyable to be charged with vandalism.

  1. Bad Santa

Children and adults alike love to see Santa at the local shopping center. Tell him your secret wish and you just may get what you have been hoping for this year. Just hope that Santa doesn’t tell off-color jokes on the job or you may not be seeing him any time soon.

  1. Santa Turns Thief

Each year, there is someone out there that thinks dressing like Santa while in the commission of a crime will keep them from being caught. It rarely does. Even though there are hundreds of Santas milling about this time of year, police have other ways to identify criminals than looks alone.

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