Credit: Tiger GirlSome accidents are just that, accidents. One heart-breaking story like this happened in St. Petersburg. A girl about to turn 11 years old the next day was killed while riding her scooter.

The girl was riding with a friend down 58th Avenue Northeast. The victim tried to cross the street, but only looked one way. She did not see the pickup that was rapidly approaching. Darting out in front of the truck, the girl struck the side of the truck, fell, and was ran over by the rear wheel. She was transferred to various area hospitals, but eventually died. The police said that alcohol wasn’t involved and that no charges would be filed as of the report.

Our hearts go out the family of the girl. Sometimes accidents like this happen, and many times the police will decide not to file charges. Other times the prosecutor may decide for whatever reason that a case is not worth pursuing. Having a skilled lawyer on your side early in the process can help sway opinions about whether or not a case is worth pursuing. No one ever expects that they’ll need a defense lawyer, but you should always know where to find one.

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