You have heard the phrase a million times: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Why, then, does it seem that any time gun control ideas are tossed about is it the legally-carrying, responsible owners who are targeted? Instead of taking rights away from these owners, perhaps it is time to concentrate on the people who kill people.

Here are some ideas that 22-year-old Aurora move theater survivor, Stephen Barton, has come up with. Though not copied in its entirety, the list does include several examples that are not frequently discussed and do not involve removing weapons from the hands of the responsible.

Mental Health Availability
While gun ownership in America is rising, mental health services are declining. In fact, services across the country have been slashed due to budget cuts. Barton offers the opinion that people should not only have easier access to mental health services, but that we should be supporting friends and loved ones who need help.

Trauma Reduction
The idea is to reduce children’s exposure to violence. Even though technology has made it increasingly difficult to control what our children are exposed to, we should be making efforts to reduce their exposure to violence on the news, on television shows, in movies, and on the Internet. Studies have shown that being exposed to violence on a consistent basis can desensitize children to violent behavior.

Ask for Recommendations
Young people have ideas that adults do not ask to hear. Often victims of violence, including that which includes guns, young people may be the first step in controlling gun crime. The time has come to ask this group of people for their ideas. Input from teenagers and young adults may be vital in creating a culture of safety and security.

Public Health
According to statistics, gun violence is the leading cause of death that is considered preventable. In spite of this, gun violence is not considered a public health issue. If it were, the CDC would be able to develop methods for tracking, studying, and assessing such violence. Furthermore, the entity could develop strategies for reducing gun violence in the country.

Gun violence is all too common in the United States. No person should be affected by another who is in illegal possession of a weapon, or any person who is using a weapon in an irresponsible way. In that vein, no responsible person who owns a gun legally should have their rights infringed upon. These ideas, provided by a young person who has been victimized are not the typical. Perhaps they bear further contemplation.

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