If you have had no contact with law enforcement in the past, you may be under the impression that its only big crimes that send you to jail. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite correct. Jail is where people spend time after they have been arrested and where sentences handed down for misdemeanor convictions are served. People get arrested and convicted of all types of crimes, even the small ones.

Failure to Pay

When you are given an order by the court to pay fines, you better pay up. If you choose to skip your payments or not pay altogether, you will be arrested for contempt of court. You can quite easily find yourself in jail if you decide not to pay.

Failure to Appear

Another type of common contempt of court warrant is failure to appear. If you are given a court date, go, no matter how frightened you are. If you don’t appear before the judge when you are ordered to do so, you will find yourself in hot water with the court, as a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Fishing and Hunting Without a License

You may feel as though it is your right to fish or hunt to your heart’s desire, but you better have a license. Licenses and in many instances, safety courses, are a requirement. You may go years without getting caught, but when you do: Watch out. The fines and other punishments can be hefty, depending on the situation.

Driving Dangerously

If you drive in such a way that you put others at risk or, in other words, recklessly, you could find yourself sitting behind bars. It may not seem like a violent crime or even one that is that serious, but driving recklessly most certainly puts yourself and others in danger.

When you are arrested for a crime, you need an attorney. No matter how small the charge seems, there are all sorts of “little” crimes that land people in jail. If you cannot afford to sit behind bars, you can’t afford to fight your charges on your own.

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