Krispy Kreme. Did your mouth just start watering? If you are like millions of people in America, just the mention of the delicious glazed doughnut is enough to activate your taste buds. Some would even say that they can’t get enough of the sugary treat. At least eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut isn’t against the law. Or is it?

A man in Orlando was recently pulled over for speeding. That’s where the story stops being something that you could hear about on any day of the week and becomes bizarre.

Daniel Rushing, 64, was traveling 42 mph in a 35-mph zone. Prior to stopping him, officers had observed Rushing enter and exit the same store twice without making a purchase. Police followed the man and pulled him over when they found an opportunity to do so.

While speaking with Rushing, officers observed what they described to be a “rock like substance” on the floor board near where his feet would have been. The reporting officer further stated that his 11 years of experience led him to know that this substance was a narcotic. A field test proved the officer to be correct: the substance tested positive for amphetamines.

A second test by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement could not elicit the same results.

Rushing says that he told police several times that it was glaze from a doughnut. The same type of doughnut that he eats once every week. Police did not believe him, insisting that it was crack cocaine and then deciding that it was crystal meth.

Rushing was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with a firearm and sat in jail for 10 hours before being released on bond. The case against him has since been dropped. Rushing is planning on suing the police department.

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