As a teenager, what did you do that you wish you wouldn’t have done? What are the things you did in your younger years that you wouldn’t be caught doing for a second today? If you are like most people, there are things that you did as a young person that have modern-day you shaking your head and grimacing. Luckily, most of the things we did when we were teenagers didn’t result in country-wide publicity or criminal charges.

A recent scandal at a Colorado high school brought sexting into the public eye. It was discovered that some students at the school had allegedly exchanged hundreds of nude images of themselves. The information has prompted a felony investigation. The possible charges? Child pornography.

It is not to say that children should not be protected. But are teenagers breaking the law when they send nude photos of themselves — is it the same as¬†disseminating pornography? The majority of adults asked believe that sexting, in the hands of teenagers, is merely a poor decision that can have embarrassing and lasting consequences. It is a matter that should be dealt with by parents, guardians and possibly schools. It is rarely a matter for felony investigation.

What will ultimately come of the case in Colorado is anyone’s guess. Sexting and teens seems to be treated differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and there are many factors that come into play. One thing is for certain: If these images were sent and received willingly and without coercion, they are less crime and more poor decision. Punishing teenagers whose brains have not fully developed for making decisions that an adult would not is not necessarily the answer. Education and supervision may be.

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