If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Florida it’s imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. Often when you’re  arrested for these charges you are giving no contact orders by the court. The court in themselves say you cannot have contact with the alleged victim. It’s very important to abide by that court order because if you do have contact, not only could your bond be  revoked and you’d be placed back in jail with a no-bond status, you can also be charged with a third degree felony of tampering with  the witness.

So when facing a domestic charge it’s very crucial that you meet with an attorney who handles that kind of area.

Also with a domestic charge it’s important to know that what happens in your case may have a permanent affect. Because, as  previously talked about in sealing and expunging cases, if you are charged with a domestic violence and would see even a withhold of adjudication, which normally would allow for your record to be sealed or expunged, you’re not eligible for it just because of the mere nature of the charge of it being a domestic violence.