That question has many parts and I’m going to try and answer them the best that I can.

The Florida Bar does not recognize DUI as a specialized area of law; therefore an attorney in Florida who focuses his practice on DUI,  such as myself, cannot call themselves a DUI specialist or a DUI expert.

However, the National College for DUI Defense has been approved by the American Bar Association to hand out board certification in  the area of DUI defense. There are less than 50 attorneys in this country who have met the qualifications and passed the test.

I’ve done that, and were I practicing in another State I would be able to advertise myself as an expert DUI lawyer or be able to tell  people that I was board certified in DUI defense.

We’re working with the Florida Bar currently to get them to recognize the board certification handed out by the National College for DUI Defense. We’re hopeful that soon they’ll change their rules. In the mean time I can tell people that DUI is my primary area of focus  or that my practice is limited to DUI defense, but I can’t use the term ‘expert’ or ‘specialist.’