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It is critical that you take the time to hire a reputable Union Park DUI lawyer to fight your case, no matter what charges are against you. When you have been arrested as the result of a DUI charge, it’s important to get legal representation right away to get the best outcome. Whether you have a first offense, felony DUI, or even an underage DUI, a lawyer can make sure that you are able to fight your case and get the best results every time. That way, you don’t face serious penalties for driving under the influence, whether you’re actually guilty or not.

Drunk Driving Penalties Explained by a Union Park DUI Attorney

The state of Florida doesn’t joke around when it comes to DUI cases. They take these charges very seriously and have some tough penalties to hand down to people who are convicted of DUIs in the state. Some of the penalties that you can face include:

  • Loss of license (suspension/revocation)
  • Jail time or probation
  • Driver education courses
  • Community service and/or fines
  • Impounding and immobilization of your vehicle

Capable DUI Lawyers in Union Park

So many people don’t realize the importance of hiring a lawyer. Take advantage of having a qualified professional on your side to get the legal support that you deserve. A DUI lawyer in Union Park will make it easy for you to get through the legal process when you have been charged with a DUI and give you the best chances of success in your case.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

There is a lot to learn about your DUI case, including the laws in the state of Florida. With a DUI attorney in Union Park, you can get more information about legalities and what you are up against in your legal battles. You should take the time to learn about Florida DUI laws and the court process so that you can get through your case with insight and understanding. It will give you peace of mind even when you have a lawyer that you know what to expect.

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There is nothing that can replace legal representation in your DUI case. You deserve a legal team that is professional, experienced, and able to help you get everything that you need from your case. At Katz & Phillips, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with dutiful legal support. As a part of our larger criminal defense practice, our DUI attorneys are knowledgeable about the judicial system and will calmly guide you through the proceedings. Call us today for a free consultation:.