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Protect Yourself With an Orlando Sexual Misconduct Attorney

Sexual misconduct is the charge filed against individuals who are accused of taking advantage of those under their care with developmental disabilities or in other facilities. This includes health workers, paid staff, employees, volunteers or interns who work with the developmentally disabled or other person who is under the care of the state in a variety of other residential or medical facilities. These charges are very serious, and if convicted could lead to extensive prison time and a complete destruction of your future career. The law in the state provides that any person who believes sexual misconduct is taking place is required to report or face repercussions and this makes workers in such facilities at great risk when any other worker or person in the facility or home accuses them of any sexual act.

Work With an Expert Orlando Sexual Misconduct Law Firm

If accused of such a crime, it is likely that you are feeling confused, frightened and anxious. What will the future bring? The first and most important action you can take is to ensure that you have the services of a skilled Orlando sex crime lawyer to review your situation and advise you how the case can be defended. As your future is at stake, we at Katz & Phillips, P.A. understand that acting quickly and effectively on your behalf is vital.

The charge of sexual misconduct is a 2nd degree felony, and the punishment can include up to 15 years in state prison. It is critical to act at once and retain a well-respected and talented legal team in such a case. Do not answer questions until you have legal representation. Stay silent, as is your right, until you contact our firm. We will immediately get into action to determine how to move forward with your defense.

Contact an Orlando sex crime defense lawyer if you have been accused of the 2nd degree felony offense of Sexual Misconduct.