When you are arrested in Seminole County, various law enforcement agencies, fire rescue agencies and/or Hospitals may be involved in your case.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you through the various agencies involved in your case.  Each agency will have its own policies and procedures which can impact your case in many ways.  For instance, generally, the law does not require law enforcement to video tape interactions with the public.  However, if the agency has a policy requiring videotaping and the officer involved in your arrest violates that policy in certain circumstances your case can be dismissed due to this violation of your due process rights.  Speak with one of our expert DUI defense and criminal defense attorneys to see how we can help fight your case.

It is imperative that your attorney have experience fighting cases in the county you were arrested.  Our attorneys have experience prosecuting cases in Seminole and Orange Counties and in defending cases in most Florida counties.  We have offices in Seminole and Orange Counties and the majority of our cases are in those counties as well as Volusia County, Osceola County and Lake County.

Additionally, if you were in an accident or injured the various fire/rescue departments in Seminole County may have been involved in your case as well as the local hospitals.  An experienced criminal or DUI attorney will know how to get your records before the State does and more importantly may be able to help prevent the State from getting your medical records in the first place.

Law Enforcement Agencies


Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Altamonte Springs Police Department

Oviedo Police Department

Casselberry Police Department

Sanford Police Department

Lake Mary Police Department

Winter Springs Police Department

Longwood Police Department


Fire/Rescue Departments

Seminole County Fire Department

Casselberry Fire Department

Sanford Fire Department

Lake Mary Fire Department

Longwood Fire Department

Oviedo Fire Department

Winter Springs Fire Department


Central Florida Regional Hospital (HCA Florida Lake Monroe Hospital)

Orlando Regional Healthcare

Florida Hospital (Advent Health)

Additionally, the Florida Highway Patrol operates throughout the State of Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol

Additional Resources

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

American Association of State Troopers