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Protective Orders Explained by an Orlando Restraining Order Violations Attorney

In the state of Florida, those who are allegedly victimized by domestic violence are able to seek what is known as an injunction – this is commonly referred to a protective order or a restraining order. In this state, there are currently four different restraining orders that can be sought; these include:

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO) – This can be sought by those who have been victimized by domestic violence victims. It is only valid for five days after being obtained.
  • Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) – Initially, this restraining order lasts for three weeks, however, it can be made permanent for up to three years.
  • Criminal Protective Order (No Contact Order) – This is the restraining order which can be obtained by going through the District Attorney’s office.

There is also what is known as the Civil Harassment Restraining Order (CHO) although this is used more for those who are being harassed by acquaintances – not those being actively abused.

Have you been accused of violating a restraining order?

Due to the high stakes situations, the state of Florida takes restraining orders extremely seriously. Their guidelines are strict and should it be determined that you have violated one of their terms, you will be facing severe criminal penalties. According to §741.31 of Florida Statutes, the following are ways in which a defendant can willfully violate a restraining order:

  • Refusing to leave their shared home;
  • Staying within 500 feet of their frequented locations;
  • Partaking in domestic abuse;
  • Threatening to commit violence;
  • Somehow contacting the petitioner;
  • Coming within 100 feet of their vehicle;
  • Destroying the petitioner’s personal property; and
  • Refusing to give up any firearms

Violating an injunction for a protection order is considered to a first-degree misdemeanor by the court. If you have been criminally charged, it is highly important that you realize just how much is at stake. You simply cannot afford to be flippant with your future – you need aggressive defense from a knowledgeable Orlando criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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