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Under the terms of Florida Statute 794.011, you can be arrested for rape if you misunderstand your partner’s willingness to engage in a sexual act. Florida calls this sexual battery, and at best, you are looking at as many as nine years in jail. At worst, you might spend the rest of your life in confinement. There are also civil ramifications. Even if you escape harsh sentencing, you will likely be labeled as a sexual offender. For the rest of your life, you will have to register not only with Florida, but with the federal government. This will affect you whenever you move to a new home or take a new job.

Do I Need an Orlando Rape Attorney?

It is not worth the risk to try and face these repercussions without experienced legal representation. The attorneys at Katz & Phillips will sit down with you, talk out your problem, and come up with possible defenses. Maybe your partner is lying about what happened between the two of you because they are angry and looking for revenge or they have something to hide. An experienced attorney can potentially use implied consent as a defense.

In any case, you cannot do this on your own. Only an attorney experienced in issues such as rape can sort through the facts of your case to determine how legally liable you are for criminal charges. After that determination is made, the attorneys at Katz & Phillips can work to mitigate the damage to your life. A rape or sexual battery charge is one of the worst things that can appear on your record. Even beyond the legal penalties, such a charge can ruin the rest of your life.

We will thoroughly investigate the situation that got you in trouble. Then we will use the facts we’ve unearthed to safeguard your rights. Call an Orlando rape defense lawyer as soon as you suspect you might have a problem. The earlier we get in on your case, the more good we can do for you. Do not risk jail time for something that may not have been your fault. Do not spend the rest of your life under the weight of such a stigma. Get experienced professional help as soon as possible. Call a Katz & Phillips attorney now.