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When arrested or accused of a crime in Plant City, your first inclination may be to try to explain yourself to police, cooperate with any investigation and simply handle the situation on your own. The reality is, however, that most criminal cases are not that uncomplicated, and a straightforward explanation of your actions to law enforcement authorities, no matter how seemingly benign, may cause you to end up in even more trouble.

Criminal charges require the assistance of an experienced legal professional to guide you through complex court proceedings and build any defense that may be available to you. Katz & Phillips, P.A. has a long history of providing exemplary legal representation in Plant City criminal cases. Our attorneys stand ready to help you sort out the situation, evaluate options, and push for a favorable resolution of your case.

What Happens if I Am Charged with a Felony?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may find yourself in one of 15 Hillsborough County Circuit Criminal Divisions if you are facing felony charges. If you are arrested on any sort of felony charge, an official record of your arrest will be forwarded to the county clerk’s office, as well as to the Office of the State Attorney. The State Attorney is in charge of reviewing your case and deciding whether to formally charge you with a crime, as well as the type and level of the crime. If the State Attorney charges you with a crime, you will receive notice of your first court date by mail.

At that court date, you will learn of the charges against you and the court often will schedule pre-trial and trial dates in your case. Since criminal cases can proceed quickly, particularly when charges are initially filed, it is essential that you contact a lawyer at Katz & Phillips, P.A. so that you can begin the process of building a strong defense.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The outcome of a criminal case relies heavily on the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident at issue, your previous criminal history, if any, and the charges that you are facing, among other factors. Whatever your situation may be, however, there is no doubt that time-tested defense counsel can only be beneficial in terms of affecting the outcome of your case.

There are various defenses that may apply to your case; with the help of a seasoned attorney, you may be able to create a strategy that causes the charges against you to be diminished or even dismissed. Even if the charges are not ultimately dropped, however, you may be able to negotiate a lesser penalty or consequences that are more favorable to you in the event of a conviction.

Count on Our Plant City Criminal Attorneys

Facing any type of criminal charge is likely to be a stressful and difficult experience, especially in light of the potentially negative consequences of a criminal conviction for you and your family. Do not delay; contact Katz & Phillips, P.A. for a FREE, confidential consultation.


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