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Money laundering is a method used to clean money obtained through illegal means – such as gambling, drug trafficking or prostitution – by funneling it through a legitimate source. This give the appearance that the money was actually made through the business legitimately and can therefore be used to spend as desired without raising questions as to where the wherewithal for certain purchases may have originated.

Money laundering is a federal crime that is vigorously investigated and prosecuted by federal authorities. The activities that produced the illegally obtained money are also generally a crime, and will also be prosecuted separately. When facing money laundering charges, it is important to retain a knowledgeable Orlando federal crimes lawyer to safeguard your rights. These are serious charges that can result in years in prison if convicted.

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Money laundering charges can include wire transfers when a failure to report transactions over $10,000 occur, attempting to conceal the actual origination or value of transactions, failing to determine where large amounts of money originated from when deposited into a business, as well as other financial transactions involving unlawful activity. If you are an employee involved with the financial aspects of a business and you note this type of activity, you may find yourself the target of an investigation when you actually may know nothing about the crime.

Obtaining qualified and aggressive representation from Katz & Phillips, P.A. can go far towards developing a strong defense on your behalf. We understand that many individuals affected by money laundering charges know nothing about this type of crime and will need personal and dedicated legal representation throughout this difficult time. Contact our firm to get the help you need.

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