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Trying something exciting and new may seem adventurous at the time, but when it involves sexual activity in a public place it can quickly become a criminal offense. Whether or not the behavior was your idea, and whether or not it was full blown sex or something such as oral sex or masturbation, the activity is still enough to qualify as lewd conduct. In fact, there are several sexual acts that fall under the category of lewd contact, some of which you may find surprising. For example, indecent exposure such as flashing or mooning are also acts of lewd conduct.

A misdemeanor charge is usually assigned to actions of lewd conduct. However, when the action involves a minor the charge instantly becomes a felony. Several factors go into officially declaring a conviction of lewd conduct and these include proving that you instigated or participated in touching of the buttocks, genitals or breasts as well as proving that you intended to sexually arouse yourself or another during your performance. Also considered is whether or not you knew or should have known that someone else viewing your behavior would be offensive or disturbing to the other party. With so much to account for, it is imperative to your case that you contact an Orlando sex crimes defense attorney as soon as possible.

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No matter what type of sex crime you are convicted of, you will be registered as a sexual offender and your picture and personal contact information, along with your sexual crime conviction will be publicly available for anyone to view. A charge of lewd conduct may seem minor when compared to rape, prostitution and sexual abuse, but it could carry the same consequences. Therefore, seeking a lawyer who can represent you could be a crucial decision for your future.

If you want to increase your chances of a positive trial outcome then you need experienced representation. At Katz & Phillips, P.A. our attorneys are seasoned professionals with a great history in criminal defense to back up our outstanding reputation. We will work aggressively to defend you and everything that is at stake during your trial. We aim to prevent any unnecessary media attention that can sometimes surround sex crime cases, and we will do our best to help you contain the details of your personal situation.

Being charged with a sex crime can incite a lot of upset. Contact an Orlando sex crime defense attorney to keep things at bay while working on behalf of your defense.