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Those moments in the back of the police car are lonely, but with a Lakeland criminal defense lawyer at your side, those are the only moments you’ll have to face alone after an arrest.

At Katz & Phillips our attorneys are the kinds of advocates you want when you are facing a criminal charge and we can help you with a wide variety of cases including:

Sex Crime Defense – Being arrested for or charged with any sex crime can have serious personal and professional consequences. A conviction can be devastating and can result in serious time in jail or prison as well as registration on the sex offender lists. At Katz & Phillips we defend sex crime cases vigorously and work with you to protect your name and minimize the fallout of these kinds of charges.

Drug Crime Defense– Despite progressive action around the country relating to the recreational use of marijuana, drug use and possession are still crimes in Florida. If you have been arrested or charged with any crime relating to drug use including drug possession, drug distribution and drug manufacturing, we can help. Drug convictions can negatively impact your ability to get hired, obtain student loans and get public assistance. Whenever possible we work with our clients to avoid drug convictions.

Theft Crime Defense– When you have been accused of taking something that didn’t belong to you, misunderstandings and errors are often easy to clear up but can easily escalate if people miscommunicate. Momentary lapses in judgment when it comes to other people’s possessions can have lasting consequences. As a result, we will help you clear up any miscommunication and can also create a plan for restitution and apologies when appropriate to avoid jail time or serious fines.

Weapons & Firearms Defense– Certain firearms are not legally available for personal possession and people can be restricted from otherwise lawful gun ownership as a result of prior criminal convictions.

Don’t risk your personal freedom, your livelihood and your family relationships by choosing a low cost attorney or public defender. Contact the Lakeland criminal defense lawyers at Katz & Phillips to learn how we can help you address the charges you are facing in the quickest, most cost effective way possible. We offer free consultations and are available 24 hours a day. Call us now.