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It’s possible to find yourself charged with kidnapping even if you never intended to actually kidnap someone. Maybe you held a child away from his or her parent or guardian or against her will. You could be subject to a conviction for kidnapping if you don’t have qualified and experienced criminal offense attorneys on your side. Of course, some kidnapping charges are more overt. Some individuals deliberately hold another human being for ransom or as a hostage or human shield against their own arrest. They might involve someone – against that person’s will – in an effort to commit a felony crime, to terrorize or threaten others, or to disrupt a political or government function. If any of this applies to the situation you find yourself in, you may need an attorney’s help.

Protect Yourself With an Orlando Kidnapping Defense Attorney

Kidnapping charges can be prosecuted on the state or federal level. It’s one of the worst convictions you can face. You can potentially spend the rest of your life behind bars. You can’t take this lightly. You need a criminal law attorney who has successfully defended kidnapping cases before. At the very least, you need to speak with someone knowledgeable about the severity of the charges you’re facing. You need answers, and you need them in plain English. You need options. The attorneys at Katz & Phillips are here to provide them for you.

Kidnapping is a first degree felony. That’s almost as bad as it gets, but if the offense you’re being charged with involved a child, the stakes jump exponentially. If the state of Florida also accuses you of issues of child prostitution, exploitation, sexual battery, or abuse, you may lose any opportunity of negotiating for a lesser charge. You can’t handle this on your own. You can’t handle it without the very best legal assistance available. If you’re subject to enhanced penalties involving a child, it will affect the rest of your life, as well as your loved ones and family – the people who depend on you. Don’t take the chance. Call the experienced and aggressive attorneys at Katz & Phillips as soon as you expect you might have a problem.