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White collar crimes are on a rise and so is the increased attention made by law enforcement officers. While there are many different types and faces of white collar crimes, one of the most prevalent types is that of fraud. At Katz & Phillips, we recognize how high the stakes are in situations involving fraud and we are prepared to go the distance in our efforts to provide our clients with the hard-hitting and reliable legal assistance that they truly deserve. Should you choose to work with an Orlando criminal attorney from our firm, you will be able to rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible in our efforts to helping you defend your legal rights.

Insurance Fraud Defined by an Orlando Insurance Fraud Attorney

Simply put, it is considered to be insurance fraud to behave in any way to receive payment from an insurance company for fraudulent reasons. There is a wide variety in insurance fraud that occurs on a yearly basis – in some cases it could be exaggerating on a claim to get more than the claim is actually worth or it could even be causing a staged car accident to get the insurance money. This therefore splits insurance fraud into two separate kinds – hard fraud and soft fraud.

Soft fraud is defined as an “opportunistic fraud” in which exaggerations are made. It could also be misrepresenting one’s self when going to get a new policy in an effort to get a lower premium. Hard fraud, on the other hands, is the deliberate plan in which insurance payments are received for damages that were falsely occurred in a staged event. It is also important to realize that currently there is no type of insurance that is considered to be “safe” from insurance fraud. Health care insurance receives fraudulent claims all the time, as does auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance and property insurance.

Defending Against Charge With an Orlando Insurance Fraud Law Firm

Insurance fraud causes large companies millions of dollars every year – which is why law enforcement officers are so insistent on cracking down on those they believe to be fraudulent behaving. Unfortunately, this can lead to many people suffering from charges for crimes that they did not commit. At Katz & Phillips we are prepared to help you defend your legal rights. Just because an insurance company does not want to pay does not mean that you should be accused of insurance fraud. We are here to even the playing field and will fight to help you obtain the desirable outcome you deserve.

To learn more about how we can help defend against charges of insurance fraud, please contact an Orlando white collar crime lawyer from our firm today!