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The process of being arrested can be really frightening. Sirens, yelling, handcuffs, and confusion are just a few of the factors that can make being arrested and facing criminal charges a traumatic experience. The police and prosecutors are often very good at their jobs, so you should find a defense attorney who is just as good at his job.

At Katz & Phillips, P.A. we’ve been defending people against many different types of criminal charges for years. From sex crimes to drug charges and many other types of criminal difficulties, our experienced Hialeah Gardens criminal defense attorneys know how to protect you.

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips know criminal defense law and don’t want you to take a bad deal

Sometimes it’s tempting to either confess to a crime or accept a plea deal simply because the criminal justice system is such a pain to deal with. Each year, this temptation leads to thousands of Floridians spending more time in jail and/or paying much larger fines than they should. Don’t let and police and prosecutors scare you into giving up your right to a fair trial.

While state laws sometimes change there are a couple of simple rules to follow if you’ve been arrested. First, once you’ve been arrested you should never answer questions without your attorney present. If the police or prosecutors ask you questions, politely tell them that you refuse to answer any questions without your attorney there.

Second, don’t consent to a search of your person or property. If a police officer asks you if they can search your body or a piece of your property, just say no. If they search you anyway never physically or verbally interfere and never lose your cool. Your criminal defense attorney will have a very good chance of getting any evidence they find through an illegal search thrown out in court.

Just keep in mind that these two rules may be different if you’re entering or leaving the country or if you’re stopped at a checkpoint.

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There’s no reason not to reach out to us if you’ve been charged with a crime. Our compassionate and talented criminal defense attorneys are easy to get in touch with and offer free consultations. Don’t let the specter of criminal prosecution keep hanging over your head. Contact us today to defend your freedom and start moving forward with your life.