Being accused of domestic violence is a stressful experience, especially when those allegations aren’t true. People who are accused of the crime can face consequences even if they are never formally charged or convicted. Often, an allegation of domestic abuse is enough to impact your reputation and, at times, our employment. When you are formally charged, the consequences are compounded.

  1. No Mediation

In most states, as soon as one party is accused of domestic abuse, mediation is no longer an option. This is important to consider if you are going through a divorce or any type of custody battle.

  1. Restraining Orders

Restraining orders or temporary protection orders are often put in place as soon as an allegation of domestic abuse is brought forth. This can have an impact on how you are able to communicate or interact with your family.

  1. Criminal Violation

If you are subject to a restraining order and violate it, no matter the reason, you will be subject to additional criminal penalties. In many cases, these criminal penalties may constitute your being charged with a felony.

  1. Use of Home

If you are accused of domestic abuse, you may use the exclusive right to your home, even if that revocation is only temporary. In many cases, you may be excluded from your residence during the length of your trial.

  1. Anger Management

You may be ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes or some type of treatment program. Once you are ordered by a judge to do so, failure to enter one of these courses is a criminal violation.

  1. Civil Liberties

Your civil liberties may be restricted after a domestic abuse accusation. These may include the ability to own or carry a firearm or even to maintain employment, depending on your profession.

Being accused of domestic abuse can be as bad as being charged with the crime. Getting ahead of the accusations can often be in your best interest. Hiring a lawyer to help defend your rights and your good name is always a smart move.

If you have been charged with domestic abuse, contact our offices immediately. Our team of criminal defense attorneys will fight for your rights in court. Call now for a free initial case evaluation.

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