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While under the scrutiny of the criminal justice system, it is necessary to ensure that your lawyer has your best interest in mind. The Campbell criminal defense attorneys of Katz & Phillips, P.A. are very understanding of the situation you are in and we are interested in doing all that is in our power to put the law in your favor.

Importance of Your Defense

When it comes to pursuing reduced charges, dismissal of charges or an acquittal, Katz & Phillips, P.A. lawyers are well-versed in the importance of guiding you in the right direction—toward freeing your name and, in that regard, yourself. Understanding the importance of choosing the right defense is a daunting responsibility that our legal team is here to assist you with. Considering one moment you may be going through the motions of your life uninterrupted and the next, facing prosecution for a crime that may not even be your fault, it is with empathetic and sincere conviction that our Campbell criminal defense lawyers will go above and beyond expectations to clear your name.

Knowing Your Rights

Getting mixed up in criminal charges can be a harrowing ordeal. Not knowing where to begin is a common concern when trying to decide how to defend yourself. This is something that our Campbell criminal lawyers are well aware of and, in fact, if we think you’d be better served working with another attorney, we will honestly tell you that during your free consultation.

When contemplating legal counsel:

  • Find yourself a defense attorney who has your best interests in mind.
  • Become versed in what the next steps are, as explained by the knowledge of the legal team you choose to hire.
  • Come to a deep understanding of what will occur before, during, and after court, so that you are never left with unanswered questions or worries.

Of course, there are many things in between these that must be done, but with the comfort of hiring the right Campbell criminal defense lawyer, all of this will come naturally and give you some sense of relief.

Understanding Case Protocol

Whether you are being accused of anything from DUI charges to manslaughter to even a white collar crime, it is of utmost importance to not fall victim to the social stigmas potentially being held against you. This is not the end of everything as you know it, and as long as you have a competent defense team in your corner, it is still well within reason for you to be able to persevere.

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