Did the title of this blog post catch your attention? It should. Many people believe that they are free to say whatever they like to the police without repercussion. We do live in a country that enjoys free speech, after all. Before you decide that you are going to hold fast to your belief that you can question, cajole or criticize the police, read on.

Even though it is often times illegal for them to do so, police can arrest you for asking questions. In most cases, this occurs when you start to question police when they are in the process of arresting someone else. Typically, merely asking why a person is being arrested won’t land you in hot water. It is when you continue to question that you may find yourself dealing with criminal charges.

So just what can you be charged with? There are no charges on the books called “illegally asking questions.” No. What you may find yourself facing are disorderly conduct or obstruction charges. In many cases, an officer will place you under arrest when your questioning borders too closely on the edge of interfering. If you cause a police officer to pay more attention to you than to their current duty, chances are high that you will find yourself in handcuffs.

If you find yourself watching someone getting arrested and wondering why, your best bet is to keep your questions to a minimum or completely to yourself. If it is an acquaintance of yours, you can always find out the answers to your questions later. If you don’t know the person, you need to stop and ask yourself why you are so concerned to begin with.

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