If you have been accused of a crime in Orlando and reach out to an attorney, you do so with the reasonable expectation that what you tell your lawyer won’t leave their office. This is a right guaranteed to you, and in most cases there is no issue. Speaking to your lawyer freely is essential for your defense, and your lawyer cannot be forced to divulge what you say. In some cases, however, the right to confidentiality is compromised.

When you speak to your attorney within the walls of their office, there is little chance, if any, that what you say will be discovered. If, on the other hand, you make any of the following mistakes, you can expect a judge or jury to find out what has been said.

1. Talking in Public

Do not be tempted to meet with your attorney for a lunch meeting or in a coffee house. Do not speak to your lawyer about your case in any public space. If you do so, anyone that overhears your conversation can potentially be called by the prosecution to testify against you.

2. In Jail

Keep your thoughts to yourself while you are in jail. Phones are recorded and often monitored. Inmates will use what you say as leverage for a better deal in their own cases. If someone is within earshot, wait to speak until you and your attorney are alone.

3. Group Meetings

You may be tempted to take a friend or family member to a meeting with your attorney for a bit of moral support. Don’t make this mistake. Chances are your attorney will tell you that your friend has to sit in the lobby, but they may not. As soon as you invite someone else to hear what you say, you can reasonably expect that that person may soon be testifying against you.

4. Talking to Others

Never tell someone else what occurred between you and your attorney. It can be tempting to speak to a close friend, especially in times of extreme stress. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, whatever is said is not confidential, even if you are sharing the discussion you had with your attorney.

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