In the not-so-distant past, Florida made headlines. People weren’t standing up and taking notice of the state because of its amazing destinations or wonderful weather. Instead, people were talking about Florida thanks to a man who tried to chew off another’s face.

When it comes to bizarre crimes, Florida may top the list. Get ready to shake your head at some of the strangest crimes on record. And they all occurred in Florida.

1. My Way or The…Taser

In September 2013, police were called to a mobile home park to respond to a disturbance. Upon arriving, police discovered that a mother and daughter had been arguing about the right way to keep the mobile home clean. The shouting turned into wrestling, which turned into the mother tasing the daughter in her face. The mother was charged with aggravated domestic battery, even though the daughter refused to press charges.

2. Facebook Leads to Golf Swing

Jesse Rizzo got a bit upset when a friend started teasing him about a post he had made on Facebook. The friend and Rizzo started arguing which led to Rizzo clubbing the man in the head six times. Rizzo denied the allegations, saying that he hit his friend in the shoulder with the golf club and then punched him in the face 10 times. No matter the cause of the injuries, the man had to be flown to the hospital by helicopter.

3. Mom Leaves Kids in the Car

Most parents have been faced at one time or another with the inability to find a babysitter. Brandi Jo Roman didn’t let that stop her. She headed to her favorite strip club with her kids in tow. As her 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter sat in the car in the parking lot, Roman sat inside at the bar nursing a beer. She was arrested a short time later on child neglect charges.

4. Stealing is Exhausting

People who steal from others tend to do so as quickly as possible. They grab their loot and head for the door. Not Domonique Pinkard. He was so tired from working all day that after breaking into a home and stuffing jewelry in his pockets, he sat down on the couch. The home owner returned to find the napping bandit in his living room and called police. The home owner got all of his items back, and Pinkard got arrested.

5. Better Take This Lady’s Coupons

Mary Alday, 61, went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping. She became irate at the register when an employee told her her $1-off coupon was expired. Alday rammed her cart into the employee and was escorted out of the store. When she got to her car, she retrieved her loaded .38 and waved it at employees and others. When she was finally pulled over by police, she refused to give up her gun and began to reach for the center console. Quick-thinking police tased the woman and pulled her from her vehicle. She was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. All over a coupon.

Strange stories of law breakers are told all over the nation, but Florida may just have found itself at the top of the list with these, and other, stories of strange crimes.

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