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Why hire a Bartow Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you are facing a criminal charge with serious fines and jail or prison time, your Bartow criminal defense attorney could be your ticket to freedom. While the low cost of a public defender may seem tempting, the reality is that losing your case is often far more expensive financially and personally than paying for a private attorney. There are a few reasons that hiring a Barstow Criminal Defense Lawyer is the right choice.

Time – Public defenders don’t get to choose the cases they take or the number they have at any time which means they often have more cases than they can really handle. Private attorneys, like the Bartow criminal defense lawyers at Katz & Phillips, only take cases on when they can actually handle the case and provide top notch legal representation to the client. If you hire one of our criminal defense lawyers, you will know that they have the time to handle your case and give it the attention and focus it deserves.

Plea Deals – Since public defenders often don’t have enough time to devote to each case they have, they often recommend plea deals that aren’t favorable or aren’t the best deal you could get. If you want a critical assessment of the plea deal offered by the prosecution, you want an attorney who has the ability to look at all of the facts. This way you get thoughtful, smart answers as to whether or not you should take a particular deal and how it might affect other aspects of your life.

Personal Life – By hiring a local Bartow criminal defense attorney, you will be represented by an attorney who has had a chance to get to know you and understand your life outside of the case. At Katz & Phillips we take the time to understand what your personal life is like and how that might play into the charges you are facing. We know any conviction has a negative impact on you and your family so we work hard to make sure you are found not guilty. To us, you aren’t a case number, you are a person facing a difficult situation.

Getting the Legal Representation you need

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